Billed “the cutest kitten ever!” Izzie is a ball of fur, teeth and appetite!  She loves to eat and guards her portion ferociously.  She also loves to play and whenever there is kitten play, Izzie will have the rest sitting at the sidelines because she growls, snarls and holds her own with feathers, laser light dots or catnip mice! 

Izzie is tiny, almost 4 months and not even heavy enough to be spayed, she is going to be a small cat with lots of energy! 

Smokey black medium long fur, green to copper eyes that are big, round and super expressive!  

At this time, Izzie will only eat wet food, she licks kibble and will take some in her mouth and it falls back out and she looks at you like you have given her rocks!

Izzie is adorable, fluffy, aggressive and will make a wonderful addition to your cat deficient home.  I suggest pairing her with an equally hardy kitten for maximum results!  



Tony the Tiger

So named because he has stripes and spots from head to toe! Compact, robust kitten,light colored undercoat, dark stripes and spots, big expressive eyes and a little splash of white around his face.

Tony will be a medium size kitten and is a love bug. Active, well mannered, not a big biter, loves to be held and fawned over. 

Tony was successfully neutered yesterday and is ready to start looking for his forever home in earnest! He gets along well with other cats. Should be fine with kids and dogs as long as care is used to introduce.  

If you are looking for a familiar to call your own, this little tiger might be the one for you!! 



Mostly white with a gray spot on her back, a cap of gray and a tail, she is talkative and loves to be cuddled.  

When I got Liliac she was terrified of the other kittens, I don’t know her story but she believed she was human and superior to these other beasts. 

Three days in a cage and a persistent Eddie, who laid beside the cage for three days and she slowly became a kitten again and today plays and roughhouses with the rest of the kittens. 

Lilac would do well with an older family who would give her lots of time.  She would do best being adopted with another kitten at the same time, I wouldn’t think it best to add her to a home with other cats. 

Short hair, Lilac will be a medium cat who will give years of love and devotion.   



Jack and Diane

 The twins… 2 kittens about 8 weeks old, georgeous tuxedo kids.   They are challenging to tell apart until you get to know them.  They are stocky kittens with thick fur with an undercoat, big paws, reminds me of Maine Coon kittens but their eyes are small and Siamese like, and Diane is very much a talker, while Jack trills and chirps like a maine Coon. 

Never mind any of that, they are sweet and adorable and going to be medium to big cats.  They will be spayed and neutered soon!! 


Almost ready for adoption. 

Izzie and Lilac are old enough for adoption at about 9 weeks, but they are both tiny kittens who still need to get big enough to spay. Maybe about next week! 

The Tuxedos will be right behind them.  I have been calling the boy Sam but it’s not really fitting.   Not sure why some names are difficult and some names just pop into my head! 


Thor Thunder Paws Update!

I am now 3.5 months old and my Foster Mom says I have to go! She loves me too much, more every day, and I keep trying to be the big boss around the house and she reminds me I am a good boy but we must find me a forever home!!! 

Who knows my genetics, Mom was a short hair Tuxedo with cute little ears. 

I am going to be a big boy, I was all paws when I was born, and now they are still big!  Mom thinks my bio dad might have been a big ginger Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon because I am starting to have those characteristics, long full tail, hairy ears, odd tufts of fur in my paws and around my neck and remember I am going to be a big boy! 

Regardless of that, I am full of love, like to be in the center of things and give hugs purrs. 

I think I would be ok as an only cat, as long as I had consistent human attention. I love to play, I am territorial with my toys, which means I growl a lot when I play because I don’t want those other cats to take away my toy!

I love to cuddle and don’t have any bad habits yet, except I am persistent when I want my way!

I am looking for the right human to take me home!!!  Some body get me away from all these kittens!!!  


Almost …. Ready for adoption

Penelope, Thor and Pepper, reprieved from the snipping for atleast another week!  Vet said they were sneezing and runny/gunky  


 eyes, so a course of antibiotics and eye ointments.  

Not sure what is going on but all their eyes are clear, a sneeze now and then, but normal rambunctious kitten activity and appetites!!! Oh well, I can’t say as I am wanting to rush them out the door anyway!!

Thor and Pepper where suppose to go to an adoption event this weekend and Penelope is spoken for so, we were so close….


(pre adoption only) born 3/29/15

Dark brown/black, 2 small underbelly spots and little white hairs sprinkled in, Bodhi is a lover and will cuddle in the covers for a long morning nap. 

Bodhi will be a smaller/average size cat, short hair, loving temperament, playful spirit.  

Well mannered, listens, good with litter box but needs to have it against the wall or will have accident off the side. 

Active, loves to play, love biter, blankey cuddling purring machine.  Will seek out a lap to get comfy on. 

Easy going Bodhi would fit in almost anywhere but might be best with another kitten in the house or doting attention by one human. 

Available for pre adoption thru Salem Friends of Felines