Eddie Tranquil

This is Eddie on drugs. Tranquilizers to be specific. Poor guy had to have surgery #2 for his broken leg because the knee cap had slid and it was healing wrong.  So now he has to stay “feeling like all he wants to do is lay around”, so he can heal.  Poor baby.  He just wants to live and jump and climb and chase!    



Eddie is recovering and is a handful and hard to stop when he wants to GO! His full name is Eddie Zoom Turbo for a reason! When he was a kitten, it was just a matter of keeping up with him, now he is 10 pounds of strong and willfully and wiggly cat. 
It’s weird, he responds to me as he did when little, the tone of my voice *usually* enough to stop him in his tracks. He and Willow are right back where they left off, although Eddie doesn’t seem to appreciate her trying to hold him down and lick his butt. ( that is what she did when he was being bottle fed).   They are both strong and energetic cats with little fear and they want to rough and tumble and go from looking at each other to a ball of biting, purring fur in a nanosecond.  Makes me have a quick eye, though. 

He has his next check up on Thursday but it looks as all is as it should be… So far!