Ready For Adoption Dweezle and Diva Muffin

  Siblings from a larger group, Dweezle and Diva Muffin are looking for their forever homes!  Dweezle is a gray tuxedo boy with a lot of spunk!  He is gentle yet loves to play, gets into the toys, loved to play but his favorite is the feathers. He will hang on to them with a fierce growl while all the other kittens stand back and watch. 

Dweezle should be a medium size adult, he is well trained in the little box and minds his manners. Properly uses scratching post and listens when being redirected. 

He is a bundle of fun, will make a family with kids happy or a household where there is a lot of action. 

If you are looking for 2 kittens Dweezle would be well paired with his sister, Diva Muffin. 
Diva Muffin is a dilute gray Tortie with peach colored patches.    

Diva is a cuddler, which is to say she is needy and loves to be held and carried around.  She is well trained to the little box and scratching posts. 

Diva Muffin is food agressive, loves to eat, but she will probably grow out of that as she grows. She was tiny, has to catch up with her brother!   Diva is a talker and will need a family or person to spend time with her.  She will not be a good cat to be alone, so pair her with another kitten her age would be a good choice.  

Be prepared for years of cuddles and fun with both Dweezle and Diva Muffin. 



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