Billed “the cutest kitten ever!” Izzie is a ball of fur, teeth and appetite!  She loves to eat and guards her portion ferociously.  She also loves to play and whenever there is kitten play, Izzie will have the rest sitting at the sidelines because she growls, snarls and holds her own with feathers, laser light dots or catnip mice! 

Izzie is tiny, almost 4 months and not even heavy enough to be spayed, she is going to be a small cat with lots of energy! 

Smokey black medium long fur, green to copper eyes that are big, round and super expressive!  

At this time, Izzie will only eat wet food, she licks kibble and will take some in her mouth and it falls back out and she looks at you like you have given her rocks!

Izzie is adorable, fluffy, aggressive and will make a wonderful addition to your cat deficient home.  I suggest pairing her with an equally hardy kitten for maximum results!  



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