Thor Thunder Paws Update!

I am now 3.5 months old and my Foster Mom says I have to go! She loves me too much, more every day, and I keep trying to be the big boss around the house and she reminds me I am a good boy but we must find me a forever home!!! 

Who knows my genetics, Mom was a short hair Tuxedo with cute little ears. 

I am going to be a big boy, I was all paws when I was born, and now they are still big!  Mom thinks my bio dad might have been a big ginger Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon because I am starting to have those characteristics, long full tail, hairy ears, odd tufts of fur in my paws and around my neck and remember I am going to be a big boy! 

Regardless of that, I am full of love, like to be in the center of things and give hugs purrs. 

I think I would be ok as an only cat, as long as I had consistent human attention. I love to play, I am territorial with my toys, which means I growl a lot when I play because I don’t want those other cats to take away my toy!

I love to cuddle and don’t have any bad habits yet, except I am persistent when I want my way!

I am looking for the right human to take me home!!!  Some body get me away from all these kittens!!!  



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