Penelope.  Pene for short

Penelope has been pre adopted!! 

This is a truly zen kitten because you can stare at her for hours and see different patterns and colors and shapes.  Upon looking at her for the first time you see a calico and that adorable face, but as you gaze upon her beauty and empty your mind, you see the subtle ginger tiger stripes gracing her belly, the squiggle lines of black, the four feet, all different colors, as if the Creator could not decide which color was best for her, so she has them all.  One Tortie, ginger, black, gray paw, four kittens in one, depends how you look at her.  What do you see?

Pene is independent and the leader of her liter, the smallest but the one to be first at every milestone (except weight!!) Not much of a cuddle bug, when she allows coddling, her purr is loud and resonates to the heart and as you close your eyes and allow your breath to follow the purr, the dance begins. 

Tiny little Zen Kitty.  To grace your life, to teach you all you didn’t want to know, but yet, your soul calls out for it. Penelope might be your answer?

Pre adoption only. 



   Bodhi the Bodhisattva 

Now available for pre adoption, Bodhi is a spectacular kitten. He loves to cuddle. His eyes are amazing, changing from blue to green but often in the middle, a pretty turquoise.   Dark brown with faint stripes, a little white spot on neck and belly with long white hairs on his ears, chin and paws.  

Bodhi plays gentle and purrs loud 




 , his best attribute besides his eyes is his sweetness.  He will be a great cat for one person who can give him a lot of attention. 

More info at Zen Kitty Fosters 

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Thor Thunder Paws

Thor Thunder Paws born 2/30/15. Ruddy brown, faint black stripes, 2 white spots, fuzzy hair, foxy nose, big round eyes, long white hair over black paws and a bundle of energy. That about wraps Thor up. He is the biggest of five kittens and a loud purr, rambunctious boy. Thor gets along well with the older cats and is friendly and outgoing. This rough and tumble kitten would be fine with kids and probably take to dogs. Does well with potty and uses scratchers, eats both canned and dry food. Mild mannered, sweet, cuddles.  


Kittens Five. 

As of today the kittens are weaned and pretty much potty trained and momma Mollie went into get spayed today. 

It will be only a short 4 weeks and they will start going to forever homes.  

It’s been a crazy ride with an aggressive mom and a healing Eddie!


Eddie Tranquil

This is Eddie on drugs. Tranquilizers to be specific. Poor guy had to have surgery #2 for his broken leg because the knee cap had slid and it was healing wrong.  So now he has to stay “feeling like all he wants to do is lay around”, so he can heal.  Poor baby.  He just wants to live and jump and climb and chase!