When one has a kitchen full of kittens it’s best to be mindful of where you put your feet.   

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Eddie is recovering and is a handful and hard to stop when he wants to GO! His full name is Eddie Zoom Turbo for a reason! When he was a kitten, it was just a matter of keeping up with him, now he is 10 pounds of strong and willfully and wiggly cat. 
It’s weird, he responds to me as he did when little, the tone of my voice *usually* enough to stop him in his tracks. He and Willow are right back where they left off, although Eddie doesn’t seem to appreciate her trying to hold him down and lick his butt. ( that is what she did when he was being bottle fed).   They are both strong and energetic cats with little fear and they want to rough and tumble and go from looking at each other to a ball of biting, purring fur in a nanosecond.  Makes me have a quick eye, though. 

He has his next check up on Thursday but it looks as all is as it should be… So far!  


The Return of Eddie

this is Eddie, one of my first Foster kittens. He was great, huge personality, fun and full of energy.  He was adopted at Christmas

Last Wednesday, chasing a fly, he crash landed and broke his leg and needed surgery to put a pin in his leg to heal the fracture.  It was too costly for his family and so they had the option of returning him to the rescue and/or me and I immediately knew I would do whatever it took to pay for his surgery and get him home! 

So I did and he is. And it will be a long recovery and he is stuck Ina cage for a few weeks and it’s hard to see him sad and wanting out but it’s so happy to just SEE him!!! 


One pound kittens!

All five kittens have hit the 1 pound mark!! Little Thor did it a week ago but his little sister just got there! 

All have names and between my crazy schedule, lighting and my iPhone taking crappy pictures, it’s a challenge getting them all captured on digital media! 

There is Penelope, Thor Thunder Paws, Bohdi, Lacie, and Licorice Nib 

 Thor, Lacie, Bohdi   

New Kittens! 

Finally, new kittens! I have had them for almost two weeks but they are so little and I have been busy, I haven’t got updated.  

I have Momma too, her name is Mollie, and only 2 have told me their names, Penelopy is the Tortie, the runt, but first to open her eyes and first to walk and then Thor Thunder Paws, who is the biggest, boy, huge paws. 

The rest are mum on their names. 

So deliciously sweet!