Soleful Soul

Woke up on the wrong side of the body, slowly make my way to the day, new fosters have made a huge mess, grumpy and bitchy comes out to play. I slog thru the morning, finally able to sit and breathe, take in some coffee and cannabis and remember why I am here.

I was reminded by a friend texting and asking for a donation of shoes… I happen to know a thrift store who has so many shoes, they don’t know what to do! It was a sole full exchange and it reminded me of what I am doing. Here. Now.

And I move with ease through what is necessary, I remember why I am here. To love.

All is well, even when it isn’t… There always comes the time when you can relax into the questions and ask yourself how to be clear. And trust your answers.

I arrived at the end of my day with more understanding. I think that’s my blessing. And the new fosters? A handful of goodness!