Family Ties

It’s been a crazy week for me..  just as i launch a new idea in my life, a direction, a goal, the Universe moves to shake shit up, just a little.  One time, years ago, i had an auntie i was close to.. but the years passed, things were said, actions done and we just fell away from each other.  She grew old, her children had children and a big family, that didn’t include me, ensued.  That brilliant, beautiful spark went out the other day. I am sad and yet, in her death i have learned so much about myself and why i have certain  complications in my life.  It’s the path she put me upon as a young woman, a bit of definition in my life that was very subconscious.

I happen to find EFT Tapping a good way to release the old, strong, unknown emotional bonds that we have and facing the death of a woman so dear to me has brought up a few of those bonds that weren’t so positive.  I am feeling cleaner and lighter just acknowledging that some of the things she said to me when i was a young woman weren’t said to hurt me, but to push me to be a better person in her own limited perspective.  I didn’t need her advice at the time and it was very wrong and painful.. but i absorbed it, believed it and have had that ‘program’ running silently in the background of my life.

All i can say today is “thank you, thank you, thank you”…   she is and was my aunt Diddly Dee…. i will love her always and she will be in my heart and mind forever.. but her words and advice i will let go with her ashes and her spirit.

I will continue to love myself, to better myself and the world around me and love unconditionally.. I am not a disappointment, i wasn’t hurting anyone and I have amounted to something lovely… but thanks for trying, auntie.. i love you. Rest in Peace.


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