Moving Forward

ZenKitty is getting more action! We now have our very own website.. which comes right back to this wordpress blog.  But that’s OK. Business cards ordered, too.  yay.

This blog will be about fostering kittens, living in chronic pain, rescuing vintage stuff to resell to support the kitten habit.

Peaceful and centered, playful and loving kittens.  Salem Friends of Felines is the rescue i work with and they provide all of the veterinary care for the animals through Willamette Animal Hospital.

For now my website is listed at  I have many wonderful vintage items for sale.. every sale goes to help my foster kittens and support myself.  We are living the wonderful life.. just not the rich life!

I will also share much information about raising kittens, spay and neuter programs, living in chronic pain, using medical cannabis and loving yourself!

Much appreciation for your readership!

Onward and upward.


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