Sam Kitty Bio

This is Sam Sam will be ready for adoption in a few days, But tomorrow he gets neutered!

Here is his bio.
Hi I’m Sam, a beautiful kitten, all black except for a stray white hair here and there, and one white spot on my belly.
I am rambunctious and love to play Fetch, except we don’t call it fetch because that’s a dogs game. You throw the mouse and I bring it back, so you can throw it over and over and over again!! It’s a game I invented!!!

I don’t like to be alone, and I can be quite loud if I am, so don’t try, if I am going to be alone during the day, You might want to get me a friend

I bring to this relationship cuddling, love, purring and my mouse game!!!
I’ll be your kitty if you will be my person.

I don’t know dogs or kids, but I love other cats! I am all potty trained and use proper scratching tools, not furniture!!!

I’ll bring the mouse, you bring your never ending desire to play!



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